My name is Lindsey and I'm a craftswoman, artist, designer, sculptress, jeweler, and educator. My studio is in the Finger Lakes Region of New York, but my creative spirit lives far and beyond.

With my studio practice I drive a wedge into the mundane by creating objects and educational programs that push definitive boundaries.


Through marrying digital technology and traditional craft I design and create futuristic homewares, otherworldly jewelry, and sculptures at massive scale.  I strive to question our ingrained ideas about formality, traditional craft techniques, and our relationships with objects.  

It is my highest excitement to inspire young people to learn with their hands, trust their creative impulses, and enjoy the journey of making.  I co-founded IDEA Collective, a sustainable toy company and portable art classroom. We integrate creativity and artistic processes with environmental studies to inspire the next generation of mindful creatives.

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Sam + Lin Designs is a partnership between Sam Castner and myself.  We're a metal design duo that builds public art, lighting, furniture, and jewelry.  Our studio resides and operates on a farm overlooking Keuka Lake, which for 9 generations has been intimately intertwined with our community. In our city we lead numerous community-driven public art projects, create and collaborate on sculptures throughout the Finger Lakes Region, and offer branding services to help local businesses promote their identities through metal outcomes. 


To put it simply: we love connecting with and empowering people through our creations.  Since its inception, our unique styles and experiences have fused into a collective expression beyond our individual capacities - into Sam + Lin.​

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