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    Decorate, assemble, grow, and learn about Evergreen Trees!

    Ages 5+ recommended, but any age will have fun with the activities inside our Evergreen MakerKid Kit!


    What does the kit include?

    4 x wooden Evergreen Trees to decorate

    1 x wooden base plate

    6 x markers to decorate with

    1 x Blue Spruce Seed Kit to grow your very own Evergreen Tree!

    1 x Evergreen Tree MakerKid Kit manual that includes instructions, an educational blurb, and a bonus activity!


    What will you learn about?

    Art - History - Science - Botany of Evergreen Trees!  You'll also learn how to grow an Evergreen from a seed.


    Where do we get the materials?

    We source all of our MakerKid Kits from either small, local, or American made businesses.  


    This is part of our seasonal MakerKid Kit series from our educational program IDEA Collective.  This item is available for presale before the holidays!


    Limited quantity of 25 available before the holidays.


    MakerKid Kits do NOT qualify for free shipping.  Please choose if you'd like to pick up from our studio in Dundee, NY, or if you'd like to add shipping.

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